SCT Day 30 – yeah

Today is Day30 after my stem cell transplant. I think that’s a milestone and I’m supposed to be allowed to do something but I don’t know what that is. Perhaps ill be allowed to have a sleeping pill? As luck would have it, the NP called me yday and we discussed my issues. Apparently she cannot call in a prescription to cvs but I can come up and pick it up at Mt Sinai. She was going to call cvs to see if they could get me an emergency supply and then call me back. Of course theny cable went out and that cut off Internet and phone as well.

I do know he didnt call my cell which should be listed as my primary number. So today I have to call and then determine what to do – have them deliver or go pick up.

And sleep was no better last night. In be around 2230 and up at 0030, 0130, 0230 and 0330. Don’t believe I slept between 0330 and 0430. Got out of bed around 0530 with about 20 min more sleep.

Here’s to another day and another b complex vitamin!

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