SCT Day 19 – almost kicked the cat!

And I’m not even on Dex!

I was coming to write a post about how I slept till 0630 today!  Quite excited.  I re-heated some coffee from yday and reheated the leftover pancakes I made yesterday and walked over, in the dark, to my iMac to sit down and post!

And then I tripped over the f’ing cat, spilled coffee on the desk, my daughters iTouch and somehow got syrup on the desk next to the keyboard.

Now my wife is up, she fed the cats for me, and my pancakes taste like sit!  But I did sleep till 0630.  I woke up at 1230, 0200 and 0500 and didn’t think I’d get back at 0500 but did till 0630!

Nothing else to report except – IF YOU KNOW ANYONE IN DALLAS – THE PGHL DALLAS EVENT IS TODAY, 1500 (CST), AT THE LONDONER PUB ON GREENVILLE AVE.  My buddy from Hong Kong, Craig Storey, is going to shave down his head for The MMRF!

Please pass this along to ANYONE you know in Dallas!  Make sure they see Craig, say hi and tell him Bill sent you!