SCT Day 16 – pictures from the ward!

Nothing of importance to update here.  Just happened to run across a bunch of pictures that were on my phone or were taken by my brother and I thought I would post them!

First – sunrise out my window – looked cooler when I was lying in bed, of course, that could have been the drugs.  I didn’t move far to take the picture, as you can tell here!

Next, visitors from work!  Complete with the “I Love You” balloon! :)  I think the gloves and mask go well with the suits! :)

My Aunt, in Sedona, AZ, sent me to very rusty bells that were taken off a christmas wreath there in AZ.  The difference is it’s a desert out there, not many pine wreaths, so they make them out of barb wire.  It lets them reuse them each year!

Anyways, she said she knew I’d come out of this with bells on – well – there it is – I’m coming out with the bells on!  That one’s for you Aunt Dot! :)

This is the pick line – the actual pick line that was in me!  My brother took the picture (at my request and the nurse’s disgust) and apparently used some really cool app to point out where it went in and how much went down my jugular!

The blue part (at the arrow) you see above is what was on my neck.  If you look at the big ‘boo boo’ at the bottom, that’s where the pic line went in.  The four marks above it are where the stitches were used, on the blue part, to keep the pick line stationary on my neck.  I took this picture to show the doc as you need to be cautious on this part to make sure you don’t get an infection.

This is a picture from Valentine’s Day, 14 Feb, 2013.  I got the Melphalan on 1/28 so this is 18 days since then.  You can see that I still have some hair but it doesn’t feel real.  It feels like a bunch of spines and when I wear a hat or lay on the pillow it hurts as they stab your head.  If I rub my hand across the head I will have a handful of little pieces of hair.  We’ll see what tomorrow’s shower brings but I may be a bit early on the complete, baby’s butt bald estimate of Friday.

So long for now!  Oh, and PGHL (promoting global hair loss) passed the $53,500 mark!  All funds raised and COLLECTED for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation!  Still more money to come in and the Dallas event had a date change – it’s now 17 February, at the Londoner Pub, 3pm.  If interested send me a message or leave a comment here!

cheers,  bill