SCT Day 15 – Update

Today is Day 15 and I’m up again at 0530.  I slept better but was up at 0330 for a bathroom break and where I did probably sleep for about an hour by 0530 I decided to get up, make coffee and see how I feel.  The worst thing is a small, miserable headache, more in the back of my head which could be dehydration (can’t drink while I sleep unless I have that wonderful IV again!) or heat from blankets or simply oversleeping.  I had the same yesterday but got over it quickly and was strong all day yesterday. I didn’t start crashing till about 2130 but still stayed up to watch TV in bed till 2300.

Yesterday I visited the doctor and I have to apologize for what looked to be very professional charts built for my bloodwork but only go to prove I’m still at grade school level charting!  The ‘normal-low’ for the white blood cell count is 4.5, the ‘normal-high’ is 11.  My chart showed 11 as the normal low, my mistake.  I bring this up as my WBC counts yday were 10!  That’s great.  However, my WBC counts on Sunday, when I left the hospital were 12.7!  I was abnormally high on my WBC counts!!  Anyways, on the numbers front: WBC @ 10 (normal); Hemoglobin @ 12.9 (slightly below normal); Platelets @ 102 (150 is normal low).  All of this is good and doc was impressed.  I go back from bloodwork in one month, go back for more bloodwork and a doctor’s visit in two months.  Finally, in three months I get a visit, bloodwork and a bone marrow biopsy (that will be five!)

I should get Immunofixation counts back today (I’ll have to bug them to get them) but that will tell me my IgA and free light chain levels.  These should be normal but I didn’t ask the doctor about what to expect.  I also forgot to ask about the smell and about NancyN’s question – it took so long for him to get over to me that I just wasn’t prepared when he finally showed up!  I went from my docs appointment (102/Madison) to 11 Center (100/Madison) and visited some of the nurses and brought them MMRF bracelets.  I got in trouble on my final day.  My nurse that day was wearing an orange bracelet.  I asked her what it was for and she explained but I then said well you need one of these and gave her my MMRF bracelet.  I then caught holy hell from the other nurses asking why I hadn’t given THEM one?!?  So I brought a few back and for those nurses reading – there should be enough but I can get more – don’t get me in any more trouble!  And I expect a picture of you all with your BLING! :)

I will say, on the physical exertion level, I did the most yesterday and I can feel it.  My knee felt out of sorts and I used some Olbos Oil (the magic rub from Switzerland!) before I went to bed and it feels better today.  But my calves and shins just feel tight and cramped.  I’ll try to do some stretching today and loosen things up.  For now, it’s 0610 and I should start getting the kids breakfast ready.  I’m not noticing the smell yet today but it’s early! :)

Thanks for reading!   Bill