SCT Day 14 – It’s The Smell!

Yesterday was uneventful.  I did make a pasta sauce and meatballs that were apparently VERY good.  However, I still can’t seem to “taste” much – it all tastes the same – metallic and with an underlying smell that reminds me of the hospital.  I’m assuming it’s from the transplant and that smell is carrying on.  I’m just not sure for how long that smell will carry on!  They say it’s supposed to smell like ‘garlic’ and the docs made mention on day 1 (day after transplant) that they smelled it coming into the room.  I don’t know what it was but i’m guessing the smell I’m smelling is what they smelled.

Luckily nobody else seems to smell it!  On to other items, I am still Promoting Global Hair Loss and will be able to prove it more effectively in the next day or so.  I clipped my head to about a 2 setting yesterday and broke out my old battery powered Braun shaver  to clean up my face.  But I noticed last night that if I scrub my head a bit, there are a bunch of hairs falling to the floor!  This shot is BEFORE my shower.  I will scrub and see if I can get an appropriate AFTER shot and see if we can notice the difference.  I am guessing by Friday I’ll be ‘skin’ bald!  Showed Dilyn today – asked him to hold out his hands, then I scrubbed my head – he was, “Ewww…” and brushed off his hands.  But he had a smile on his face.  As long as we can keep this stuff fun and not worrisome then that’s the direction I want to take.

Going to post this now and will update for the AFTER shot! :)

See if you can tell the difference –
You can’t see immediately but if you look closely it’s starting to get patchy.  No matter how many times I scrubbed, there was always hair on my hands.  I would condition, scrub, rinse – hair in the tub, on the curtain, on my hands.  I’d relax for a bit and then repeat – and the same occurred.  So where it’s falling out, it really needs to be “worked”.  I’m not going to clip it down, I’ll deal with it till it’s gone and then wait the 3-6 months to get something back! :)

I do believe it’s better to get it this short before it starts to fall – it’s less distressing than if big clumps of long hair were coming out.  I realize that for most women, this would be a very difficult moment in time.  As a gent, this is easy, as I’m Promoting Global Hair Loss, even easier.  As a lady, to go down to Sinead length, well, that’s a big step and you have to be pretty ballsy to pull it off.  My only advice is, be ballsy – for the first time in your life you have the opportunity to tell the world to f-off!  At this moment it IS all about you – and people should pay attention and listen!  Everyone has their issues they have to deal with – this is yours and nine times out of ten it’s bigger than anyone else’s!  I had a number of women that pinged me on Facebook re; what they went through and how tough it was to be bald.  And I completely understand – I do NOT want to make light of what you went through.  I’m just saying, as tough as it is, don’t let the world dictate what you should or should not do in that situation.  If you want a wig, get one – better – get four or five and make them crazy!  Have fun with it.  As a guy, I know most wont worry about it, but again, don’t be afraid of it – flaunt it!

I had an idea and I’m looking for anyone that has any good headshots of when they were bald!  Something interesting; your head where the sunset is to get that cool halo effect, someone rubbing your head for luck, anyone with head-paintings! :)  If any of you are going through this right now, what can you do to make it cool and interesting.  I’m going to find some face paint and have my kids make their own pictures!  If I can get a marker that will REALLY wash off, even better!  If I can get a number of pictures of Bald Heads Gone Wild, I will put together a series of photos, into a calendar and see if The MMRF, or, for those in the UK, Myeloma UK, would be willing to sell them to raise funds.  Anyone contributing would have the ability to approve what’s created prior to distribution and I will TRY to get you your preferred month but I will not guarantee anything!  Please remember, this is me doing this on my Mac!  I’m not claiming to be professional in any fashion, but I think I can put something fun together.  If you’re going to do a picture and think you can customize it for a month (Feb VDay, Dec Xmas, etc.) then go for it!

Again, just want to have some fun with this and we could put together a 2014 calendar!  Now if I can just get rid of this SMELL!  I just came out of the shower, scrubbed with two different soap, put on deodorant and baby powder and I still smell it!  God help me!!!!