Screening Two

Film: The Spectacular Now

Running Time: Four fidgets and a leg stretch, followed by an easy stand reminiscent of the stands pre 2012. Thank goodness for aisle seats and leg room. Thank goodness.

Protagonist’s Myeloma Survival: The future’s bright, well, dull really. Shortened perhaps. Overcast some might say. If you were to add myeloma into the mix of a coming of age story about a fun loving 18 year old, struggling to find his identity, you would get a different story all together. The world would not be his oyster. The protagonist would also become a medical marvel for all the wrong reasons, because 18 year olds do not get myeloma. He would become an unfortunate. This particular myeloma sufferer would probably benefit from the well written love story, failing that, just the love scenes would do.

Fellow Audience: It was too empty for me to notice. Shame for the filmmaker, not a shame for my back.

Trivia: I had a two pieces of fancy flapjack in my bag in case I got hungry. I had a dream last night that the screening actually happened in individual hotel rooms on TV screens with a group of people I did not know, I was so enraged, I dream tweeted with a hashtag. A hashtag. #Analysethat

Tired Rating: Positively full of cartwheels… The four hour nap this afternoon probably helped with this. Or so I thought, for sleep came an hour after I returned to my flat.