Scottsdale Arizona via Denver Colorado to Idaho – Thanksgiving Day – November 22 2012

Jani and I got up and departed our Scottsdale, Arizona motel at 4:25 AM. Jani wasn’t CERTAIN on how to get back to the Phoenix Airport, but we had written instructions and off we went. Except for one missed turn and a loop back, we made it to to the rental car return area (about 8 minutes from the airport terminals). We had to wait for the rental car bus, but made it to Terminal 2 for our check-in at United Airlines with plenty of time to spare. THANKFULLY, I had Jani with me, because she did ALL THE THINKING and I just followed along.

We boarded our flight to Denver’s DIA, but we weren’t able to sit together. I listened to my i-tunes and wore my mask the whole way – about every other person in the plane was coughing and/or sneezing.

When we got to Denver, we had to walk from Gate 16 to Gate 80 for my next flight to Idaho Falls – so, I got my workout for the day. We had lunch midway – I ate at Steak Escape for the first time and loved it.

Jani waited with me at my gate for the Idaho Falls Sky West flight until Robbyn got to DIA to pick her up.

 Missing my sister already!

The weather in Idaho Falls, Idaho – 44 degrees. Ron Krishnek called me about this time and told me that Kemmer was skunked this morning – oh joy~ He had given her one bath – but, I’ll need to give her “the treatment” when I get home!

Wore my mask the whole way on the flight  because EVERYONE was coughing – if I don’t get sick from this leg of the trip – it will be a miracle!

 Had a window seat and noted that Wyoming has very little snow!

 The mountain tops in Wyoming have snow, but none in the valleys.

 My home in the Big Lost River Valley is a 100 mile drive across a high desert plain.

Landed and hiked to Bart in Long Term Parking. Then, off to the store (fortunately, I found one open on Thanksgiving Day) and got the ingredients for skunk smell removal for Kemmer.

Driving home, there was absolutely no traffic – a lonely LONG road!

 Driving in to the Big Lost River Valley on Highway 93 – November 22 2012.

 Mackay’s Mine Hill – November 22 2012.

Stopped to say hi to my father and he was fine – several friends in town had brought him plates of food and he was on his way to Marinac’s for dinner. I was invited, but I was EXHAUSTED and had to go get Kemmer and treat her for skunk.

Ron had done a pretty good job on Kemmer with “Skunk Off” a prepared product, but she smelled like a public service station restroom with a sickly sweet over sized deodorizer. Regardless, Kemmer was delighted to see me. Came home and decided we would have to deal with the smell mañana! 

I also had plates of food in my refrigerator from friends, Shirley and Wayne Olsen, Gretchen Lawrence, and Ron Krishnek – so, I will have a great Thanksgiving when I’m not too tired to eat.

Became one-with-my-sofa about 5 PM and slept hard until 9 PM. Got up and went to bed wishing Kemmer didn’t SMELL.