School Holidays

I like a routine. Correction, I need a routine.

Working a nine-to-five provides a routine. PADIMAC provided a routine. Doing nothing does not a routine make. In the last fortnight, worsened by the snow, I have found myself with no routine at all. I do not need to be dressed and ready to leave the flat by nine. I do not need to leave the flat at all. It’s essentially the school holidays.

Everyday I tell myself that I am going to get out of bed as soon Housemate wakes me up in the morning. In reality, I get out of bed four hours later. This sleeping schedule means that I get up and dressed around 13:00hrs and wait for people to come and visit me in the evening. I am doing things in the afternoon, but to suggest that there is any kind of structure to my day would be a big fat lie. The day sleeping means that I then do not get to sleep until 01:00hrs in the morning, when I drift off whilst watching a BBC period drama.

The problem with this routine is that when I actually have to do something, like get up and go to work, I sleep in.

Now, I believe at the age of 28, my behaviour is excused because I have Cancer. Cancer actually covers a multitude of sins. Try it out sometime.

My friend GKD says I should embrace it, for there are not many times in an adult’s life when they are allowed to live like a slob. Periodic bouts of slobbery are indeed fun. Weekly bouts? I have my doubts.

Part of me wants to embrace it. I really do love my bed. I can excuse the all day bed fests when I feel sick and weak. I do not feel sick and weak, and this is a problem. I could turn the flat into a bakery/tailors, but there isn’t the space and I really do need to stop eating butter. I do work, but my office is my bed.

I suppose that this limbo is designed for rest. Resting my body, which I do need to embrace…. I just wish that all my friends could too, so it could actually be the school holidays