Saying Goodbye to 2018- It Was a Rough Year! (And a Big Scare Already This Year)

The past two years have been pretty rough here.  We were delighted to say goodbye to 2018!

Burning our Yule Log this year was very satisfying!

We had a real scare yesterday, but it was a false alarm.  Dom’s ribs have been KILLING him.

Our Oncologist ordered a chest x-ray last week to rule out Bronchitis or Pleurisy.

It didn’t show anything, so he sent us for a Bone Scan yesterday.  When we returned home, there was a message on our machine.  “Come in to talk to Dr. C. tomorrow morning.  The Bone Scan was ABNORMAL”.

We called our “go-to” guy.  He said that Dr. C. wanted to discuss the bone scan with us.  There were multiple lesions on his ribcage. 

That flew us into a tizzy.  Dom decided that he wasn’t going to get anymore Chemo.  We thought that maybe these were Plasmacytomas that could get blasted with radiation like with his hip.

We drove into Slidell all gloom and doom this morning, thinking that this was going to be yet another horrid year.

SURPRISE!  All is well with our world!

Our Oncologist told us that these were very small lesions, and Dom has always had various lesions.  (This was NEWS to us-  we were only aware of the large one on his left hip in May of 2017 ).  He wasn’t concerned, as his blood and urine were clean 2 months ago.

He didn’t think that our Radiologist would want to do anything but was going to have the guy compare this bone scan with his most recent MRI just to be sure.

So…  we are now back to normal!  M-Spike and Light Chain tests on Valentines Day.

Dom also told him that he didn’t want anymore Chemo or Zometa.

Doc’s going to order a follow-up Bone Scan in 6 months to keep an eye on things.

Here’s hoping that 2019 will be a VERY GOOD YEAR!