Sanitized for your protection

When they arrived it was without fanfare or the usual ideas of what an alien invasion entailed. The fact is, the aliens simply appeared on the streets, mingling with the rest of the foot traffic. As usual, the people on their ways to where they were going were so caught up in their own thoughts that they failed to notice that the person behind them appeared out of nowhere. The aliens also didn’t start killing people or employing technology far to advanced for our understanding, they merely fit in with everyone else quietly and peacefully. Some of them applied for jobs and some were hired and some weren’t. They had the same chances of anyone at getting available positions. Some of them ran for political offices as time went by, and some were elected and some were defeated. Again, no different from anyone else.

Over the course of fifty years, the aliens quietly took their places in the world, with some in every nation and walk of life. Over a half century, these visitors from other worlds observed and eventually became effectively “human,” although they did, in fact, start out that way. While the concept seemed to bypass most of Earth’s writer’s imagination, nature does the same things the same way everywhere. Just as planets revolve around stars and moons around planets, nature’s highest life forms were no different. That’s why the aliens looked just like the people into whose society they immersed themselves. They were exactly alike. No special powers, no tremendous intellect. The only special technology they possessed was their means of transporting themselves between the galaxies, and truth be told, the people of Earth were only a century from unlocking that secret themselves when the visitors arrived.

But there was one very important difference between the so called aliens and their Earth counterparts; the aliens lacked the superstitious beliefs embraced by so many of Earth’s inhabitants. It was the shedding of these fears and neuroses’ that permitted the inhabitants of the universe to exist in quiet cooperation. For some reason, and it was this reason that caused the visitors to come in the first place, humankind was not discarding it’s superstitions as their learning demonstrated the truth of things and demonstrated the fallacies of the various superstitions. In fact, it seemed in some cases to buttress the superstitions more greatly. All in all, there wasn’t a lot of significant differences between the world during the ages of intellectual suppression and modern times.

Country squared off against country, neighbor against neighbor. Education was vilified and cultism was embraced. Bewildered, the aliens packed up and as quietly as they came, they left. Three and a half months later a “natural cataclysm” destroyed the third planet from the sun in a  little solar system on the spiral arm of a typical galaxy. The planet’s passing was as upsetting to the dwellers of the universe as the destruction of bacteria is to bleach.