sadness and sorrow

How grievous when a dear friend passed on. The sadness and sorrow cannot be described. The empty spot she left in my heart is like a vacuum that cannot be filled. Just thinking of my dear friend Winnie, brings on quiet tears. She was always caring for me, praying for me and making time to be with me. She rather sit by the beach and have a chat with me. We are alike in so many ways, preferring to bring a mat and have a picnic with a flask of coffee, just feast on nature’s beauty and what it has to offer each day. There is no need to talk, the quiet silent fellowship sensing the same gratitude for life and for the moment’s pleasure. The world’s insurmountable and endless troubles bear no weight for the the time of private solace.

She left just too soon, even after several hospitalisations her pain grew worst and so severe, it was time but yet not, for those who cannot imagine it was to be the end. Too sudden. Mercifully, her suffering was short. However that brings little comfort to us when our loss is permanent.  Our consolation is that she is in a better place, in the arms of Jesus, where there is no more pain.

What then for her beloved M, life now is going to different, trying to live on, needs courage and strength of will. He has to find a new purpose, fill the days with useful activities and not allow it to be full of sorrow. Not like the first weeks, relentless anguish and uncontrollable emotions that overwhelmed unceasingly, sometimes even choked the senses. It is different now but a quiet grief.

O, my friend, I thank GOD for tears, it flows the sadness away.