Sad times

Well, as the nurse at the Cape Cod nursing home informed me last week over the phone, my Mom is “on her way out.” So Stefano and I are leaving on Saturday for the U.S.A. To say goodbye to Mom…hoping to get there in time…

Sad times.

I can’t concentrate right now on anything beyond the necessary daily tasks, such as taking care of the cats. Speaking of which, this morning one of my cats, our 11-year-old Priscilla, suddenly fell out of her hammock, located on the tall cat tree next to my desk, and went splat! on the ground. Her paws gave in…I think she landed on her stomach. _1080736Then she began having convulsions. Very scary. I threw myself on the ground and held her and soothed her until the convulsions stopped. She is stable now, asleep on our bed, but I’m taking her in to see the vet-neurologist this afternoon. (This is a recent photo of her.)

When it rains, it pours. So true.

Anyway, take care, everyone! I will try to post updates from time to time during this very difficult period for me and my family…Ciao!