There have been some rather sad news in myeloma blogville. The passing away of young mother Stacy and a couple days later, there was news on the passing of older Sid from NZ. The last time Sid wrote was almost a year ago and since then, no news. Sometimes no news is really bad news when mm-er is in such bad shape that he/she has no ability to write or maybe too depressed to write. But then it can also be that life is back to normal and mm-er is too busy! Busy or not, happy knitting or not, I have to regularly update to tell one and all, not to worry, I am still ok!
Another rather sad news from Pat, a well-loved mm-er who writes to encourage young and old, new or long-time mm-ers. He was diagnosed the same year as me. Recently he went for autologous transplant and was hopeful that the transplant could give some years free of drugs and medication. But it was not to be – the m-band went up instead! So dreadful! It is not all hopeless, there are other treatment options. But it is just so disappointing and this feeling is shared in the myeloma blogville. We understand and feel for one another.


Yes, I must be joyful (sometimes I take for granted and I forget) for each day I get to be with my family and friends, I get to have breakfast with P (especially if we can go for prawn noodle, porridge or nasi lemak…), I get to attend bible study with 30 ladies, I get to participate in this year’s Alpha ….ah….. the list goes on. There are many things for which I am happy doing!

Yes, I must show the knits I just completed. Some colorful beanies and mittens for our dear grandbabies. But I must “proudly” display the gloves… I cannot believe it possible to knit those fingers. I thought it complex but amazingly, I could follow the instructions and I did it! I gave myself a pat on my back!