Rushing around….

…is what I must do if I am going to be ready to leave by 8am. We have a V.I.P. visit arranged to have a look at a Wellington (not boot silly!),the plane flew by my grandfather during World War 2. Sometime ago I started to copy his diary onto the computer, unfortunately this didn’t get finished although it has now been completely copied and is currently being proof read.
Here is the link to the site started for those interested

Yesterday, I spent much of the time sleeping, I blame the drugs, which I seem to be blaming for most things these days. Anyway I was happy to sleep in preparation for today. Meanwhile Kate and Mum helped Colin to get more chairs out of the secret barn ( the one that’s been locked up until now) and hose them all down, we have now counted up just over a hundred chairs, which should prevent us from needing to hire them.

Only an hour to go before mum will be dragging me out of bed so I had better get sorted out. The good thing is we will be travelling down in our motorhome so I can rest when need be. For the life of me I couldn’t tell you where we are going but it’s a couple of hours drive to get there anyway.

Have a good day and don’t let the dampness, dampen your mood!

Deborah x