Runnin Fool, Part II

Jay found this race online and signed me up for it. I don’t know why:

I ran the “Dorothy Dash 5k”, which was way, way, way easier than running over the bridge last week. The weather was cold and the course was flat, and I remained friends with Bon Jovi the whole way. Oddly, I only improved my time from last week by about 30 seconds, but I had a much better time this time. I even remembered to smile when I saw a race photographer.

WCK looked at the above picture and pointed out that the Scarecrow probably wouldn’t do very well in a marathon, because he’d fall down. I have to agree, although I think he’d do much better than the Tin Man, who has no business running a race. A) He has no muscle flexibility, and B) the second he got sweaty, he’d just rust. Maybe the Munchkins set up oil stands around the course, though. I picture the Tin Man running by, grabbing a tiny cup of oil and pouring it on himself. Still, I think Dorothy could kick all their butts in a race, provided she had the right shoes.