Royal Cat Seeking New Domain

This is Rocky:


You may leave the room quietly as I ponder the answer to your question, “Why are you on my clothes?”

Possibly Royal Cat now accepting applications from domestic domiciles that may well benefit from his wise and patient supervision. 

He likes to sit looking quite regal but I doubt he has royal lineage.  I’m also a bit suspicious of his feline pedigree.  I personally don’t know any Ewoks and I barely remember them from the movies, but since I got to know Rocky, I’ve wondered if he isn’t part Ewok.

I wonder that because of his language.  He’ll often say, “Eyaht! Eyaht!” instead of, “Meow, meow.”  Sometimes he lets a word slip out in plain English – “NAOW,” as in “when can I get that for you, Rocky?”  “NAOW!  Ah, hrump-hrump…..  Meow?”

He could also be part dog because he dogs your feet, but in his case, he cats your feet.  As you walk across the room (if the mood strikes him) he will follow closely and slap at your heels, one after the other with each step.  I’m not sure of his purpose for this, maybe it’s a variation of his main compulsion.

His main compulsion, his primary purpose in life is: As you walk from one room through the next as in route to or through the kitchen, he will zig-zag in front of you, making only slight contact (counting coup?) with your ankles and feet.  In this process, he believes he is gently directing you (where you are already going) and when in range of his cat-food dish, he will dash to it and begin eating.  He’s done this for years and all I can understand from this daily ritual is that he wants you to watch him eat.

My relationship with Rocky began when he lived with our younger son through his college years and beyond.  From the day our son married and moved far away, Rocky has lived here with my wife and me (and Pele, the other cat seeking new domain).  My wife and I are retiring, hope to do some traveling, and have concluded the time is right for Rocky (and Pele) to transfer to another locality.

He uses a cat box, eats only dry cat food, and has been an indoor cat all the time I have known him, except for the few occasions he succeeded at his secondary purpose in life – escape!  When he enjoys that success, he’s not sure what to do with freedom, so he comes back.

We’ve cohabited with several cats over the years.  Rocky has the “most pronounced personality” of them all.

Rocky is available free to a nice person who appreciates cats.  As a bonus, he will bring with him the long sought-after secret to eradicating kitty litter dust.

If interested, please contact me by commenting on this post.