Well, we’re back from Santa Cruz/Capitola. WE had a really fun time and lots of good food. We had an incredible spot with an ocean view. Pretty nice. We went bike riding along the coastline to natural Bridges state Beach. It started raining on Friday morning so we packed up and drove the 4 hours straight home. Big mistake. We should have took a break. I know it’s like how many times does it take to figure out , we need to STOP and take breaks. It was raining pretty hard almost to Sacramento, so probably that had something to do with not stopping. Overall a great trip. We saw a couple of small trailers we liked. One was a coachman Clipper. Very light weight and seems like our Santa Fe would pull it. So maybe down the road, we can go check one out.

Our house sitter did a great job with the cats and chickies. It was nice not to have to worry.

I received the book from ‘blogging for books’. It’s about pizza so that should be fun to read. I started it and there’re lots of good ideas. I’ll do the review at a later date. I’m not sure if I return the book or not??

Back to routines today. Wipe down the bathroom, start and process some laundry, prep for dinner.  Routines keep me going. I like the continuity and it just makes my life easier. Tomorrow the new zone is the living room and that’s a quick one as it’s pretty minimalistic.

I started Season 8 of ‘the Murdoch Mysteries”. So great. We had to subscribe to Acorn to get it but since I love most anything on Acorn it seems like we will get our amounts of money worth out of it.

Tonight is the new pizza recipe. This one doesn’t use olive oil in the dough , so I will have to see how well it stretches out.

BTW, if anyone is interested, a blogger I follow who has ALS and is at end life, has written a book about her experience. She lives in Paris and she is very humorous and brave. The money from he book sale will help, I assume, her daughter and husband after she is gone. And some proceeds will go to ALS research. Her blog has been quite something to read.  I can’t afford to buy the book now, but maybe down the road. Here’s the link: