Rothenberg – Dinkelsbuhl

Driving on German roads is a most satisfying experience for P, who enjoys driving very much. We left Heidelberg for Rothenberg ob der Tauber (eastward) about 1.5 hour and from there to Dinkelsbuhl (southward) 0.45min and final destination Nuremberg 1.5 hour. The short drive with breaks in between make it a pleasant and easy trip.
P has always wanted to drive on the autobahns and found it a delight. The A roads allow for pretty high speed but motorists with great discipline and high road ethics, make it for safe but swift arrival to destinations. The B roads allow us to appreciate the beautiful countryside with its rolling hills covered in bright yellow and green, passing by charming villages.
We had read of the Romantique road tour, it covers several old authentic enchanting villages via the B roads from Wurzburg down south to Munich. We decided to visit two on our way to Nuremberg – the towns of Rothenberg o d Tauber and Dinkelsbuhl; their altstadts (old towns) still maintain its historic look. I found Rothenberg much like the Tuscan villages with its narrow streets and cobbled stones. As I walked the cobbled stones, I remembered fellow blogger S, who tripped over uneven cobbles and I especially walked carefully and slowly over them. But I like Dinkelsbuhl more, their quaint houses more colorful and prettier.
Cafe Munster
At Dinkelsbuhl, we stopped for afternoon tea at Café Munster it offered delicious crepes and the light-liest of waffles with a heapful of fresh cream. It is a must-stop for tea and coffee break, and shade on that spring afternoon, the temperature was registering 30C!
As we were leaving, a horde of antique cars drove into the town and they parked aligned outside St. George’s Minster. It was a feast for the eyes to see so many beautifully kept, restored grand old dames. Many tourists started to take out their cameras to make shots as keepsakes with the proud drivers looking on.  

I am so happy to be able to share of this delightful day – I had the physical strength (Praise GOD) to walk through these enchanting streets and drive by the glorious countryside. Rejoice with me!