‘ROAD FOOD” by Jane and Michael​ Stern

This is a really fun book to read. The authors have visited all these places across the country. If you’re planning a road trip, this book is for you. They really go into detail about each place and give what’s great to order.

We’ve been to the La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara and their description is spot on. It is barely a restaurant and it has florescent lights. But the food is very authentic and of course, this place was made famous by Julia Child, who frequented it when she visited SB.

Based on their very accurate description of La Super-Rica, I would trust their reviews of other places.

I would have like more reviews of California especially Northern California but what they did, I think, would be fun to visit if you’re on a road trip.

We also have been to Tecolote in Santa Fe and believe it was and has been one of the greatest breakfasts I’ve ever had. So again, their description is spot on.

I would definitely recommend this fun book of restaurants and cafes.

This book was provided by bloggingforbooks in return for my honest opinion.