And to history, we will say “We were right. We were right. We were right”
c.16th± – These New Puritans

…Hb 13.7…

Just a quickie. Was back in hospital last week for many many blood tests. The upshot of which is my anaemia is receding fast. I’m certain it was a mere side effect of the virus I had before Christmas, as I told them last time. (Patients 1, Doctors 0)

Reluctantly, I tell the consultant about the pain I am getting in my left hip. It has been getting quite bad. Inevitably this leads to an appointment for an X-ray – I just can’t tear myself away from the hospital, can I. If I know my own body then the X-ray (which I had on Monday) will show nothing. But always better safe than sorry, with mm.

So, I’m not expecting a call when they’ve reviewed the X-ray. And I’m hoping not to go to the hospital again until April. 2 whole months away! Imagine!