Revlimid Now Available in Nova Scotia

For years Frank Boyd has battled to get Revlimid used in Nova Scotia and at great and enormous self sacrifice it has finally happened. This is thanks also to the many supporters across Canada and the United States, who through CTV’s W5 took enough interest to let their feels show tp politicians across the land.

Who says Canadians cannot unite when are principles values and our beliefs are challenged by anyone?

I understand the new arrangement means that anyone in financial need may access revlimid for their use.
Many doubted that it could be done, but there’s a core of activists in Canada who will not be denied. The process to access the drug is rapid and both Celgene Corporation and the Myeloma Canada as well as those in the Nova Scotia government and those involved in “The Time to Live Campaign” I should thank for living up to Canada’s Medicare principles. In particular I want to thank the host, producers researchers, and technicians of CTV’sW5 for challenging all of us by producing this program: “Pills, Patients and Profits.” A job well done.

Please do not sit back on our small victories keep looking ahead because the cost of health will not get any less expensive and we need to be ready when we must move forward again. Congratulations Nova Scotia!

Frank Boyd

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