Results may 24th

Just forget about the whole Lambda and Kappa story. As fas as I understood anything at all, it was too good to be true. This 2,8 appeared to be the m-protein value after all. The number we like to see as low as possible. Last week I asked my hematologist to explain  the whole story, because I didn’t understand. She sent an email to the lab and today the values just said Kappa (the myeloma values we want as low as possible).

Today, 6 weeks later, a slight increase was noted. From 2,8 to 3,0. This doesn’t keep me awake. My reservations were true. 0 (zero) was too good to be true and 3 isn’t too bad.If it stays this way for the years to come, I’m a happy man. But what I really want is a little stability. Stable, that would be nice!

Graph May 24th