Results from Little Rock

I am back from UAMS-MIRT.  My results are not yet final,  I had a late MRI with contrast that is still being read both in L R and at Tenn. Oncology.  My PET scan prompted the last MRI,  the pet showed
“Focal areas in L4 and Sacrum both possible for focal lesions.”  The PET  said the activity was increased and gave some SUV readings????   I have not begun to research what SUV readings are …..too damn scared of what I will find.

So that is where I am awaiting till next week sometime,  the MRI was done late yesterday afternoon.
Technician said should have results by tuesday most likely.  That is left me in LIMBO land until results are delivered to me.   I, however, am not deluding myself.  Pet scans are very sensitive at UAMS and pick up detail about lesions ahead of other tests probably??  So,  this is like waiting for the other shoe to drop.    My doctor at MIRT said we have to see what the MRI tells us………So I await……