Watching television offers us a decent opportunity to tune in on the talking point issues of politics. Looking at the newscasts isn’t a good way to see the work in the trenches on a wide scale, but does tell us what the big issues are. The part of what I am seeing that distresses me the most is the discussion of entitlements. However, we have to think about the ramifications of what we’re hearing and extrapolate our perception of the future. Between the parties is the raging disagreement of how to handle the nation’s financial well being, and from it have come the 99% and Wall Street protests among other things. We are still reeling from the damage done by an unfettered mortgage and loan infrastructure and freewheeling investment strategies and it’s no wonder that money is the issue it is. But the full ramifications of the various proposals that should be gaining our attention in spite of it being so easy to miss them.

Let’s say that we elected into government those people who are in favor of collapsing certain federal agencies and pulling government out of many of the cost intensive programs built up over the years. The thing I hear the most from these people leads me to believe that as a Multiple Myeloma victim, the future could well be less bright than it currently is. As expensive as the drugs we need for treatment are, lacking the federal regulation now keeping it in some check, I fear that fewer and fewer people would be getting the treatments they need to survive. It’s not in my nature to stand by and let a piano fall from a great height onto an unawares bystander, and so I can’t reconcile the idea of allowing people unable to afford the high expense to suffer the ravages of our illness and simply perish.