Remission = Back in the Saddle again!

July 4, 2010 =
Receiving Myeloma killing Melphalan Chemo
at City of Hope Hospital
July 5, 2010 =
Receiving my life regenerating Stem Cells
at City of Hope Hospital

February 4, 2012 =
Back in the Saddle again
for the first time since 2009!
Mom and Daughter July 2010  =
Mom and Daughter February 2012
Today and yesterday were Monumental days
in the battle of dominating Myeloma.
This weekend = absolute winning for me!
This weekend 
my daughter and I
rode our horses
the very first time
Myeloma invaded our lives
in 2009
I cried my heart out
while in treatment-isolation 
City of Hope Hospital July, 2010

I never thought I would be able to
ride a horse again.
But I did!
19 months after my Stem Cell Transplant!
My life is now complete

(and Scott’s cancer is considered “cured”)

There is no better view of life than this view