I found out Friday that I’m in remission and that I’ve engrafted 100% with my sister’s cells!

I did not have to receive any blood on Friday, as well, since my counts only reduced by .5 since Tuesday.

The time needed to receive Magnesium has also been reduced to 2 hours in the clinic and 1 hour at home.

They may start to taper me off the Cyclosporine in the next couple of weeks or allow me to do that from home with my local oncologist.

I also found out that I may be able to return home sooner than I expected. Most likely before Jacob returns to school on August 27th. That means it could be as early as the 22nd or 23rd that I’ll be leaving Houston to come home.

I feel so blessed and am already starting to pull together all the threads of administrative concerns to make my leaving go as it should. My energy is good, too. Good enough to start doing better in physical therapy. By the time, I’m able to return to Frisco I should be able to have much of the recovery process completed. Then I can focus on my family, friends and even school.