With everyone’s fingers crossed and prayers we have reached REMISSION!

Mark and I seen Dr. Zangari today and he went over all labs and the bone marrow biopsy. He is not showing any markers of the myeloma. Dr. Zangari was almost amazed at how well Mark has done. I am not going to get all technical here with numbers and charts. I will just tell you that Mark went from 95% down to 0.2%
Mark will still be on a maintenance program. He will go in for medications for the next year. They will do lab work and keep a close eye to make sure this cancer does not raise its ugly head back up.
We don’t see Dr. Z for three more months.. No offence but YAY!
Dr. Z told Mark be careful with his back, but go do what you like to do. Of course use caution around sick people. It will still be hard for him to shake off an illness.
Mark still will tire easily and will need time to get his strength back.
So now i would like to thank just some of our team that has worked so hard to get Mark to this point.


Dr. Zangari and Dr.Tricot

The Amazing Andrea Noordewier our PA

Our Coordinator Carol Neilson

Celeste and the girls in the Office Benadetta and Jenna

There are so many more to acknowledge, like all the nurses in the BMT Infusion room Katrina Dr Z’s Nurse. All our family and friend’s, all our new friend we have made along this journey
thank you to each one of you.
You are the one’s that got us through the worst part of this.
Don’t stop looking at Mark’s page there will still be updates on how he is doing and what he is doing.