Release On Temporary License

I am free. I am free. I am free.

Well, for the next ten days I am free. I am free of drugs. Free from treatment. Free from extreme lethargy. Free.*

I have been released from my treatment prison on temporary license for ten days. Ten whole days of feeling as near as possible to the Emma Jane Jones I like.

It all boils down to energy and having it.

I will make the most of my freedom while I can because I know that on 26 November it all starts again. My week ahead involves friends, cinema, work, friends, family, arts and crafts, friends, baking and films. Bliss.

Ever the sensible one, my home curfew has been set at 22:00hrs.


* I do have to go into the clinic on Wednesday for my end of cycle consultant appointment, during which I will discuss my future treatment options given my disappointing response thus far. I cannot wait for that. My previous sentence was a lie by the way.