Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma – Waiting for Platelets – May 10 2013

Jani and I drove back to the pharmacy, now open, and dropped of my prescription for some new sleep aid.

Then, back to the St. Luke’s Hospital parking lot to wait for 4 PM. We both got back in the super memory foam bed in the back of Bart – it was 78 degrees and delightful.

 Our thumbs up HOPE.

 Of all days, I forgot my computer today…so, had to be happy with my iPhone only.

Because it was so late in the day, I had to go to another St. Luke’s Hospital Outpatient Infusion center where they mostly give arthritis treatments. They have not given platelets in a long while – fortunately, RN Vicki from the Cancer Infusion Area where I usually go stopped by on her way home from work with a note to remind to STOP aspirin now. She told the nurses how to deliver the platelets to me – use blood tubing and let it run by gravity, not through the IV pump.

History of All Platelet Transfusions Since Diagnosis May 24 2011
  1. Platelet Transfusion March 24 2012 (UCH- University of Colorado)
  2. Platelet Transfusion March 27 2012 (UCH)
  3. Platelet Transfusion March 29 2012 (UCH)
  4. Platelet Transfusion March 31 2012 (UCH)
  5. Platelet Transfusion May 20 2012 (UCH)
  6. Platelet Transfusion May 22 2012 (UCH)
  7. Platelet Transfusion May 10 2013 (St. Luke’s Hospital)

Jani waited awhile in the memorial rose garden outside St. Luke’s Hospital which is not my favorite thing – especially as you walk in for your first treatments – looks like they don’t save anyone and they have all these memorials…..just a thought.

Jani went back to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription while I got the platelets. If you’re counting, that’s 3 times today to the pharmacy…then she went shopping and bought our Mother a plant for Mother’s Day.

 We’ll put it out at the cemetery tomorrow.

Left the Infusion Center about 5:45 PM and headed to get a drive-through chicken sandwich for the trip home (135 miles). I slept in the back of Bart and Jani was “driving Miss Jude”.

We arrived home about 8:15 PM. The dogs were happy to see us although Olsen’s checked on them a couple of times – the dogs are SPOILED ROTTEN. Zoe, Kady, Kemmer (below).

Barring an emergency, we won’t have to travel back to Twin Falls until Tuesday, 14 May 2013 when I’ll get my blood checked again and see Dr. Padavanija. I’ll just have to take it easy so I don’t bleed since my platelets are so low. A platelet transfusion (I had 253 ml of platelets today) only last in your system 1-3 days – so, the effect is quite temporary. Without adequate platelets, I am at great risk to bleed. The only bleeding I’ve had is from my nose and not really a nosebleed – just watering bright red drainage with blowing – need to blow my nose softer.

I read where the “NADIR” (lowest point) for bendamustine is 2 1/2 weeks…so, I’ll have decreasing blood values hemoglobin and platelets until around 24 May 2013 (the day I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 2 years ago in 2011). Without rescue blood and platelet transfusions, I would die. Jani says she is up to taking me for all these transfusions — so, we’re still on the “adventure with my boots on.”

Added a post for 9 May 2013 if you want to go back and look at it.