Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma Update with CT of Sinuses – April 23 2013

On the road to St. Luke’s Hospital, Twin Falls, Idaho at 7 AM – the sun just peeking over Pass Creek. Cold morning with just 24 degrees.

Two antelope crossed in front of me on Highway 93 near the Craters of the Moon.

My lab values were all improved except for my platelets.
White blood cells up, but still low at 2.7 (norms 4.5-11); ANC (absolute neutrophil count) up, but still low at 1.54 (norms 1.9-8.8); hemoglobin up, but still low at 10.6 (norms 12-16); platelets miserable at 38 (norms 140-440); and LDH high at 1516, up from 913 when last tested at St. Luke’s (norms 313-618). I haven’t been on my chemotherapy since 10 Apr 2013.

I’m still in mild kidney failure with creatinine high at 1.17 (norms 0.52-1.04); BUN high at 20 (norms 7-17); and GFR low at 50 (norms greater than 60). Plus, my total protein was slightly up for the first time to 8.4 (norms 6.3-8.20). 

I had my clinic visit with Dr. Padavanija and RN Kenadi and we decided I would take 10 mg Dex every other day and see how I do with the “ups and downs”. I am emotional liable.

I complained of sinus pain especially on the left side over my eye with neck pain. Dr. Padavanija ordered a CT without contrast of my sinuses and they were able to squeeze me right in this afternoon. Results revealed that I have blockage (maybe a tumor of some kind).

I faxed Dr. Padavanija my last sinus surgery report and pathology report from 4 May 2007. I had something very similar in 2007 that was operated on by Dr. Mark Loury in Ft. Collins, Colorado. She wants to refer me to an ENT, but my platelets are too low for any type of intervention – so, we will wait until 9 May 2013 and re-evaluate my platelets.

Back to the infusion center for my monthly 30 mg Aredia intravenously. I took Claritin 10 mg and 500 mg Tylenol to decrease the aches and pain associated with Aredia.

On the road home to Mackay by 2:30 PM – arriving at 5 PM because I was behind the Butte School Bus and had to make many stops. Clark delivered Kemmer and I had an almost 3 hour long nadir.