Relapsed High Risk Myeloma Update Update August 29 2013

My appointment at St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI wasn’t until 12:30 PM today, which is unheard of since my appointments are usual at o’dark thirty in the mornings. Shirley and Wayne Olsen were left to watch and feed the dogs while we were gone.
Tested my blood glucose on the way to Twin Falls and only needed 1 unit of insulin for a snack of a cheese stick and crackers.
Made it to Twin Falls in time to have my hair cut at Great Clips. It will look better tomorrow after a blow-dry hair and a session with the curling iron.
Once I got to St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI, I tested my blood glucose and AGAIN, only needed 1 unit of insulin.
RN Melisa accessed my Bard Power Port and sent my CBC off to the lab. While I  waited for the results, Jani went to the hospital cafeteria and got a hamburger and fries for me and a taco salad for you herself.
Today’s lab results were not happy…..
My CBC was only 2.5 (norms 4.5-11) with an ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count), of only 0.75 (norms 1.9-8.8). Dr. Padavanija was not in the office today and had left instructions that I could not have my intravenous carfilzomib this afternoon unless my ANC was greater than 1.20 – so, that meant no IV chemo this afternoon, nor tomorrow, Friday, Aug 30 2013.
My Hg was 8.7 (norms 12-15), so, I might be headed for a blood transfusion.
My platelets were good at 19 (norms 140-440).
Dr. Padavanija will be back in her office on Tuesday, Sept 3, 2013. The nurse consulted with Dr. Manning and he said I should have my blood tested at Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco, Idaho on Tues, Sept 3, 2013 and FAX the results to Dr. Padavanija. I need to hold my oral Pomalyst 2 mg also.
This will delaymy scheduled bone marrow biopsy test scheduled on Sept 10, 2013. In fact, this will delay everything!
This is a photo of Jani with her “India apparel on”… at least, that is my guess of her appearance.
Jani went to Walgreens to change out the diabetic supplies to the type my Anthem Blue Cross will cover while I waited in the Infusion Room. Then, Jani went to Walmart to buy Protein Shakes and a belt for me.

We departed Twin Falls around 2:15 and were home in time to feed the dogs!!!!