Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma Update May 8 2013

Had a rough night with nausea and almost throwing up a gazillion times. Finally decided to take compazine 5 mg, which helped at 4:15 AM. Took another 5 mg at 6:15 AM  and by then was very tired.

Jani drove me to St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls. We left at 5:30 AM. I slept most of the way drugged with compazine. My cheeks are red, but I don’t have fever.

Had my blood drawn in the Infusion Center. My platelets only dropped a tad since yesterday from 33 to 31. Pharmacist Dave talked to me about my nausea and told me start Kytril tonight at bedtime. He said it sounded like the Aloxi yesterday had not worked for me. Continue on usual antacids Prilosec and Zantac twice a day. If they decide to give me a second cycle of Bendamustine (next month) then he will give me IV Kytril both Day 1 and Day 2 vs Aloxi.

Received Day 2 of Bendamustine IV. It only has to run for 30 minutes, so it is quick.

Jani went shopping while I got my medication. And we headed for home in Mackay by 10 AM. Home by 12:30 PM….beats the 12 hours that I was gone yesterday!

Did my telephone Celgene Survey over the phone for Revlimid – have to renew again in 6 months. Celgene survey is necessary since Revlimid is a relative of thalidomide which causes severe birth defects – you promise not to get pregnant, not to share the medication, and not donate blood or blood products.

Since, I’m on Revlimid, I can get blood clots, but since my platelets are so low, I’m only taking a baby aspirin 81 mg each night with it. Aspirin make my platelets even less “sticky”, so I have to be careful not be be too active beyond being one with the sofa.