Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma – Update – May 30 2013

I will be getting my Cycle 2 of Revlimid 5 mg tomorrow via FedEx home delivery – at least, I hope, I get the delivery. Monthly chemotherapy deliveries at home are always hard here in rural Idaho – but, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow. I’ll begin Cycle 2 Revlimid 5 mg on 4 Jun 2013 for 21/28 days.

Started our day early by celebrating Gretchen Lawrence’s Birthday a few days early at Paco’s house. Gretchen is Paco’s caregiver. We had a cake for her, but somehow, I missed taking a picture of it. We are ALL SO APPRECIATIVE of Gretchen’s friendship!

Jeff fixed my bathroom fan/light combo – he can fix anything.

Jani weeded along the rocks in the front yard much of the day – that girl has boundless energy.!

I picked up the mail at the Post Office and stopped at Ivies for potato salad ingredients. Carol and Jani had to go back to the store, because I bought the wrong sized potatoes. None of us know how to make potato salad like our Mom made, but, Carol and Jani were up to the attempt today….so, from my one-with-the-sofa living room view, I watched and did some “official tasting”.  I tried to call Cora Lockie for recipe hints, but was unable to reach her. Cora makes a potato salad very close to our Mom’s recipe.

In the end, let’s put it this way – we were close – but, the potato salad is NOT EXACTLY Mom’s – we’ll keep working on it down the road. We like the sweet pickle variety!

We walked the dogs around the block – my first walking outing in a long time and I really enjoyed it.

Nick wanted to go on a 4-wheeler ride and SO DID KEMMER. Nick went, but Kemmer had to stay home. I want SO MUCH to be able to ride my 4-wheeler with Kemmer, but 31 platelets may just not be enough to prevent any bleeding that might occur from bumping, etc!

Nick’s Dzadzi (grandfather in Polish) ordered him a locally made birthday cake for tonight and we had an early party for Nick who will celebrate his actual 36th birthday on 3 June back in Austin, Texas.