Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma – Update – May 29 2013

I  did my one-with-sofa all day after I picked up the mail and delivered it to Dad and a quick trip to Ivies (grocery store). Dad and Jeff were cleaning Dad’s very large barn and fixing Dad’s ride-on-mower. Jeff is ALWAYS so good to help Dad and they work well together as long as Dad is in a rolling chair of some kind since his back prevents him from walking more than a few yards at a time.

Jani and Jeff cleaned my rain gutters out — such special service!

I was able to get one of “THE BEST” crochet teachers in all of Mackay, Idaho to come over and teach my sister-in-law, Carol Malkiewicz, a refresher course in crochet stitches. Thank you Lela Warner!
Dzadzi drives grandson, Nick, to dinner in his MackayTownCar (golf cart).

Zoe and Kemmer 5 years ago today on 29 May 2008. What cute pups I picked for Jani, Robbyn, and I.

I am a bit bummed that my platelets are still running so low at 31 (norms 140-440). I was so hopeful that the bendamustine would boost my existing 5 % bone marrow function, but at least they didn’t really TANK. So, it was a day of one-with-the sofa. Sorry, whine whine whine.