Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma – Update – May 23 2013

Woke in the night with a TERRIBLE, NO-GOOD left calf cramp – YELPING LOUDLY enough for Jani to hear me. I had my dorsiflexion boot on the wrong leg – although, I have 2 boots, so should have had both on. Continue to sleep better, but my left calf feels like it is at least 1 year shorter. I finished Day 3 of the Z-Pack antibiotic for my sinus infection today.

Don and Charlotte McKelvey dropped off two petunia plants for my front porch – so pretty and sweet of them to think of me!

Drove to town (4 blocks) and got the mail at the Post Office. Delivered it to Paco (my 92 year old father) and had a nice visit with him and his helper, Gretchen Lawrence, at the kitchen table. On the way home, visited with a friend, Ellis Reay, as he headed from the grocery to the Post Office.

Stopped at the Mine Hill Grill (photo below from Feb 1 2011) located on the corner of Main Street and Highway 93 in Mackay, Idaho.

and picked up a take home hamburger made by cook, Vesta Rogers.

Jani headed to the Idaho Falls Airport (100 miles each way) to pick up her partner, Robbyn who came from Colorado for a couple of days. Crossing the desert with the Twin Buttes in the distance – VERY WINDY with jet stream close to the ground.

Click on the photo of Robbyn’s plane twice and you can see it at the end of the red arrow.

Jani and Robbyn stopped at Paco’s house to say HELLO before they came to my house. I’m so lucky to have so many who want to visit me.

Then, Robbyn, Jani, and the dogs took a walk on the Mine Hill. It was a little chilly and windy up there. Mt. McCaleb and Lower Cedar Creek pictured below.

Robbyn with 12-year old Kady (white mouth), Zoe (behind her) and my Kemmer in front. I wasn’t there as I was one-with-my-sofa with my 35 platelets…darn it!

Our Mom sent Jani a penny on the BLM Road South above the Cattle Guard this afternoon.
This is a grazing year for cattle on the Mine Hill. Must be ample to eat, because they are producing LOTS of cow patties!

A rain squall over Lower Cedar Creek on the opposite of the valley from the Mine Hill.

 Mule deer in the Halverson and Palmer fields this evening, May 23 2013.

I wrote an email to Clay Smith, MD at the University of Colorado to let him know that I was still alive and explained my current treatment plan at St. Luke’s Hospital, Twin Falls, Idaho.