Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma – Update – May 20 2013

Jani continued to work hard on organizing the Mt. McCaleb Cemetery veteran’s list so the flags can be placed on the graves this coming Friday, 24 May 2013.

I, on the the other hand, went to the Post Office for our mail, delivered it to Paco, and spent the rest of the day on the sofa. My Gram’s best friend’s former house is getting a facelift right now…located just across from my father’s house – he has something to watch all day.

I’m pretty sure my platelet count has improved. My nose is not bleeding at all any more. We go to St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls tomorrow for a lab check and appointment with Dr. Padavanija. Hoping for good news.

Jack Latimer came and applied fertilizer/weed killer to the lawn today.

 This machine he uses delivers liquid fertilizer and weed killer.

Jani walked the cemetery for hours matching veteran’s graves to our list – The commander of the Joe Nowacki American Legion Hall (see LABEL on right side of blog for history of the Mackay, Idaho American Legion) here in Mackay, Campbell Gardett, called to get the list, but I told him it wasn’t quite ready and he’d have to contact Wayne Olsen prior to Friday. Wayne and Shirley Olsen are the Cub and Boy Scouts leaders and hope to have scouts to help actually plant the flags at each veteran’s grave. After Memorial Day, the flags are retrieved and stored at the American Legion Hall.

Just before sunset, Jani walked the dogs on the MIne Hill while I slept on the sofa. Boy is my life EXCITING of late :).