Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma – Update May 17 2013

So, how do I feel? Just to remind you,  I’m in Cycle 1 of Bendamustine/Revlimid/ Dex, which began 7 May 2013. I have only 5% normal bone marrow function with 95% plasma cell infiltration.

  1. You only received the Bendamustine IV Day 1 and 2 of the 28 Day Cycle.
  2. This is Day 11 of Revlimid 5 mg on the 21 day cycle. I seem to be tolerating the Revlimid okay except for days of diarrhea treated with Imodium, followed by constipation, etc.
  3. I continue to take 10 mg of Dex every other night. I forgot to take my Dex one “due night” 16 May 2013 and the next day I felt like a person made of stone – could barely move around and get from laying or sitting to standing – it was REALLY HARD. All of my bones hurt, especially my left arm with the hardware and screws and by back – so, I’m NEVER going to miss my Dex dosing again, even though I look so puffy and have the appetite of an a wolf.
  4. I will finish my Z-Pack antibiotic for the sinus infection tomorrow 18 May 2013. I’ve had thick – copious – NASTY drainage (I’ll spare you the photo, but you know I have one) and I might need to ask Dr. Padavanija for second round of antibiotics to clear this up a bit more when I see her again 21 May 2013. The terrible pain I had in my left sinus area is much improved, although I still have a bit of left-sided neck – headache.
  5. Holding Aspirin 81 mg while platelets are so low.

Amazingly, I feel pretty well – especially in the mornings. I am sleeping better now that I am taking 5 mg of Xanax at bedtime. 

I have to be careful since my platelets are only 18 (norms 140-440) not to bump myself, fall, or do anything that might start bleeding, because it is unlikely we could get it to stop and I’d bleed out OR have a stroke – so, I’ve been doing a lot of couch potato computer work and watching Jani and Faye WORK around me!!! and I mean WORK – 2 days of cleaning.

BED CHANGER – So work work work was the order for the day.  Here is Faye, the changer of beds!
TOILET CLEANER…..and the cleaner of toilets!

TRANSPORTER – And of course transporting cleaning supplies.

LAUNDRESS – Here’s Faye tending to laundry duties!

BUSH PLANTER – Faye the consummate gardener.

POOPER SCOOPER – Faye tends to tidying after three golden retrievers.
LAWN MOWER – Here’s Faye mowing the lawn, appropriately attired in boots with adequate eye protection.
WEED WHACKER – And no lawn duty is ever complete without expert trimming.

FLOOR WASHER – Here’s Faye relishing washing the kitchen floor on her knees!
SCANNER EXTRAORDINAIRE – Faye, who is also technologically gifted, helps with scanning 9 million documents for Judy’s genealogy projects.

VACUUMER -And now it’s time for vacuuming and vacuuming and vacuuming….remember the 3 trievers aka hair-balls!

DISHWASHER – Faye is also an expert dishwasher!

CARWASHER – Faye’s talent extends to washing Jonah.

SLACKER – Faye get a very very brief break and a tiny yogurt snack – aren’t we generous!
FAYE, Ph.D. – Faye inherits Judy’s regalia cap – looking smart and so multi-talented!

And with all the work complete, now it’s time for some farewell photos.

Until we meet again dear Faye.

And now the CONTEST 

Some of the Faye photos were staged and some were real. Which tasks were STAGED?
Below in the “COMMENTS”, list those activities that you believe were staged. It’s okay to be Anonymous in the comments, if you win, I’ll get your info later.

The 1st person to correctly list the staged activities, will win this authentic MACKAY, IDAHO one size fits all – cap (will be mailed to you only if you live in the USA).

All good adventure stories need a CONTEST!