Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update June 6 2013

Slept pretty well last night if I don’t dwell on how upset my stomach was – sorry, whine, whine, whine. The intravenous Bendamustine dries my mouth and tongue out, alters my taste buds significantly, and gives me a moderate sore throat. I think, I remember having all of this during Cycle 1 Bendamustine too – but, I cannot find any documentation of it in my blog.

Worked all morning on getting “lists” made of things I need to get done with my paperwork, bills, etc. Just when I think I have it all worked out, I think of something else. Don’t want to leave Jani and my family with a paper mess. Met with the Mackay Fire Department Chief, Randy Ivie, to share with him the IDAHO POST NOTE (singed by my oncologist, Jani, and I) – a document that indicates I do not want to be transported out of Mackay if I cannot speak for myself. 

Randy and I  had a good visit. He and his family have been friends forever in my memory. Randy was the EMT with my Gram, Hazel Lundberg, when she died in October 1985 and Randy’s son, Justin, was the paper boy that found my Uncle Rex Lundberg passed away in his home in December 1991.

I went for mail and had really nice visits with a number of friends in front of the Post Office. I love that Mackay people take the time to visit and no one “really seems in a hurry”.

Kenadi called me from St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho this morning to tell me my SPEP was ready.Stopped at the Mackay Library and picked up my faxed SPEP Results from the blood drawn 4 June 2013. RN  My M-Spike is still 1.3, but has a  note that it was in the “gamma region”, when I have always had “kappa region” myeloma. I’ll have to study my past M-Spike reports and call Dr. Padavanija to figure this out.  More on the free lights, immunoglobulins tomorrow.

Beautiful lilac bush in full bloom by the Mackay Library. Our spring and summer weather usually does not arrive until now – so, we are right on time.

Jani worked all day on my lawn with the string trimmer and mowing the two wild habitant fields I have on either side of my house.

Somewhere in there, I squeezed in a two hour nap on the sofa after lunch…slept hard and probably snored LOUDLY~

My Barton Flat Churndasher Ranch Johnson family stopped by with  a treat for me – red licorice! They also had 2 sleeping baby grandsons, Otto, age 2, and Owen, age almost 2 months, in the back seat with the cutest 3 year old granddaughter babysitter, Kinley, in the middle. Kinley has the brightest light eyes – SO CUTE! Their other two granddaughters, Kelsey and Kassidy stayed on the ranch to help their Dad tonight. I’ve known this family for my whole life and I love watching them grow!

Jani and I went to the Mackay Outlaw Dinner Theatre tonight at the school.  The dinner was pizza and spaghetti. The monies raised are used to put on the annual Halloween Carnival for the school kids each year. The play entitled, “Every Little Crook and Nanny” was terrific fun and the cast did such a nice job with the production. I laughed a lot and that CANNOT BE BAD! Sitting in stadium-like auditorium chairs was hard on me for 2 hours!

I sat next to good friend, Cora Lockie and Lana Pehrson on the other side (missed getting her photo). This is the FIRST activity that I have attempted and completed in the evening in MONTHS and MONTHS. My back hurt from all the sitting in the stadium-like chairs, but I made it through the entire performance.