Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update June 5 2013

Threw up in the night – no nausea, just a “surprise emesis”.  Still no nausea, but my gastritis is back.

Checked out of the motel in Twin Falls and arrived on time for my 8 AM St . Luke’s Hospital Day 2 of intravenous Bendamustine. Pharmacist Dave thought it would be best that I went back to intravenously Aloxi for pre-treatment vs. intravenous Kytril, so we did that along with 10 mg of Dex intravenously.

We were at the Infusion Center way too long for a 30 minute Benadmustine infusion and no lab draw today, but I think they are short of nurses right now (maybe for vacation, etc). Oh well, I was patient and didn’t let the delay get to me like I can some times do!

I slept almost all the way home in the back of Bart (2006 Honda Pilot) while Jani drove. I’m pretty sure Aloxi makes me tired. We stopped at the Lost Rivers Drug Store in Arco, Idaho to buy a couple of pill strip box organizers – it is the only way I can keep track of my medications and if I’ve taken then or not.

We stopped at the Chevron to put gas in Bart…always try to keep it filled on the advice of my mother many years ago – if you need to leave Mackay and the Big Lost RIver Valley, it is always good to be prepared with a full tank of gas.

Stopped to say hi to Paco and give him his shopping items from Twin Falls. He took care of 12-year old Kady-the-golden retriever, while Clark and Dianne Parker took are of Kemmer and Zoe. All 3 dogs were exhausted when we got home.

 emmer and Clark surveying a beaver downed tree on Kid’s Creek which borders the back of their property.

Jani’s after haircut look.

I might try to have my hair cut in Twin Falls the next time we go. It is still VERY CURLY and won’t comb in to any style I’m formerly used to…….

Jani got this great photo of the mule deer behind my house tonight. I never tire of seeing the, but they aren’t eating “my hay” either.