Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update June 24 2013

During the night I had left hand cramp spasm…hard to get rid of it and finally wrapped my hand in the heating pad, which helped. Worried most of the night that I would NEVER be able to type on my computer again – but, it finally went away.

Woke and showered…felt pretty good and then I just FELT TERRIBLE for the rest of the day. Terrible gastritis, shaky, brain wasn’t working well, some dizziness, and my resting pulse seemed stuck at 102 or so. Just laying on the sofa, doing nothing, had sustained pulse of 98 to 102 with shaky hands.

Today was a Dex 10 mg day and I took it after breakfast – didn’t help me feel any better. 

Jani drove Sare to the Idaho Falls Airport for a mid-day flight back to DIA in Colorado where they have a mountain cabin – they (she and Randy) live in Hawaii. It was nice to share my corner of the world with Sare.

Then, Jani went shopping in Idaho Falls and didn’t get home until around 3:30 PM. I was still feeling ROTTEN and went to bed. My resting pulse had fallen to around the mid-80’s.

All I can figure out, is that I OVER DID it at the rodeo parade and rodeo Saturday and tour of the Mine Hill on Sunday and I PAID THE PRICE today. I had creepy legs all day.

About mid-day, my neighbors turned 16 of their horses out in the pasture behind me. I love watching them.