Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update June 14 2013

Well, pretending that my hemoglobin was somewhere near normal (12-16) after my red blood cell transfusion on 11 June 2013 hasn’t worked so well for me today, 14 June 2013.  My hemoglobin is probably somewhere near 9.0. I’m TIRED and never even got out of pjs all day. Jani did all my usual chores – going for the mail and delivering it to Dad and a trip to the grocery store. I did manage to fold some laundry.

My bones hurt all over, especially my back in the area across my scapula. The pain is achy in nature and requires pain medication…probably from all those plasma cells in my bone marrow (last measured at 95%). My left frontal sinus area still hurts, but is much improved over the last two days. After dinner tonight, my stomach was TERRIBLE and I almost threw up several times – don’t know where that is originating from, but I wish it would go away.

I worked on organizing all of the important papers that I keep for my father and putting sticky notes on every thing so Jani can make sense of things at some point.

Jani took the crawl space covers off and carefully labeled the parts so they can be returned to the window wells this coming fall. She is going to glue the metal covers on this summer and then we can eliminate the clamps. You might remember that Jane Koeckeritz helped me get these covers on last October 2012 when she came to Mackay to help me drive to a doctor’s appointment at the University of Colorado Hospital.

My long time buddy, Kase Hainline, came to visit this afternoon and brought us a rainbow trout he had just caught in the Big Lost River.

I’ve known Kase since I used to help in his Preschool Class,  Sept 12 2006.
Jani walked the dogs on the Mine Hill this afternoon – they are such photo hounds. Kemmer and Zoe below.

We just tell them to line up for a photo and 9 out of 10 times they do on their own. Kemmer, Kady, and Zoe below.

Our weather is supposed to be LESS WINDY and WARMER (70 something) tomorrow, so despite how I feel, I’m getting OUT and ABOUT.