Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update June 13 2013

Still feeling the energy effects of my extra red blood cells, I drove my father to Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot, Idaho (85 miles each way) for a follow-up ultrasound of the arterial stents in his groin and legs. 

I did lots of waiting in the car and we were gone all day.

Thankfully, Dad’s stents are still open allowing blood flow to his lower legs and feet.. There has been some narrowing in the stent area flow since his last assessment 6 months ago. Dr. Shelley will want to check the stents again in 5 months or sooner if he has any PAIN. If the stents have narrowed further or meet some number Dr. Shelley measures on the ultrasound, Dad would have to have another procedure done around mid-November 2013. Before the arterial stents were placed, Dad had swelling of the lower legs and feet which we thought were congestive heart failure – not the case. The arterial stents have solved all of the lower leg and feet swelling.

We were back in Mackay by 4:30 PM. I was very tired, had some dinner and and went to bed at 7 PM. I have a pain in my left frontal sinus area – hopefully, it is not infected again. No nasal drainage, so it is hard to tell. Could be from the blood transfusion.

Today is Day 13 of Cycle 2 Bendamustine/Revlimid 5 mg/ Dex 10 mg every other day.