Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update June 12 2013

Woke with renewed energy and clearer thinking – guess, 1 unit of packed red blood cells is just what I needed yesterday!

My resting pulse has dropped from the high 90’s to to the low 70’s.

Worked on sorting through more paper files – how does one collect so much???

Had a busy day of errands. 

I stopped by the Mackay Library to chat a moment with Librarian Shirley Olsen right in the middle of Summer Reading. Our little library was OVERRUN with 32 children. I decided to wear my N95 mask while I was in there and I’m sure the children thought I thought it was HALLOWEEN! So neat to to see so many families taking advantage of the FREE Summer Reading Program. I only stayed a moment to schedule an appointment with Shirley’s husband, Wayne for this evening.

Stopped next door (same building) and visited with the ladies from the Ladies Aid group who make and sell embroidered t-towels for their fund raisers. There are going to make a set for me from a 1950’s vintage pattern I found on the internet.
Jani and I finished up the Mt. McCaleb Cemetery Book updates for 2013. Jani printed out the copies and I delivered them to Mackay City Hall where one copy is kept.  Wayne Olsen will be taking over the cemetery book duties for me and we met with him. I am assured it will be be a seamless transition. We took the other book to the cemetery Smith Kiosk building where it is kept.

I have been building the cemetery book for more than a decade (11 1/2 years). I was so naive when I began…thinking it was more static project than it is. I began by walking the Mt. McCaleb Cemetery and taking photos of  ALL > 1,400 existing headstones. Then, I’d add each person represented by the headstone to which is a wonderful internet asset for genealogy. This was a LABOR intensive process and I did it for several local cemeteries with Mt. McCaleb Cemetery being the largest and where my relatives have been laid to rest. At any rate, I learned that burials continue and headstones may or may not follow 3 to 6 months after the burial – hard to keep up with. However, I have LOVED this project and have done my best. I am thankful for all the help that Jani and Robbyn gave me this year.

The other cemeteries that I photographed headstones for and added to findagrave have been:
  1. Mt McCaleb Cemetery
  2. Chilly Cemetery
  3. Barton Flat aka Barton Cemetery
  4. Clyde Cemetery (Little Lost Valley)
  5. Howe Cemetery (Little Lost Valley)
Lana Pehrson and I have been working on adding
  1. Lost River Cemetery (Moore)
  2. Hillside Cemetery (Arco)
Went to the grocery store (Ivies) and saw one of my favorite little guys, Kooper Hainline; 

Went for gas for Bart and there was literally a traffic jam at the Chevron which is so unusual. Gas prices are up to $389.9.

Then, on to the Post Office to mail giant boxes of photos to my Uncle Edward Auer’s wife’s family (I had scanned the photos that I wanted). Delivered my father’s mail to him at is house;  to the US Bank to get some cash; and stopped in the road to talk to Beckie Hanni about putting US Flags on the veteran’s graves next Memorial Day 2014 with the help of Wayne Olsen.

Home for lunch. Jani was cleaning the garage. Everything in my HUGE oversized 3 car garage is located where it is because of Jani – she and my father built the storage shelves when I first moved in and did all of the organization. Jani was born with an “organizational gene” that skipped me and probably 98 percent of the total world’s population! Everyone thinks I have a huge house, but that’s only because my garage is larger than my house!

Back to Ivies for bread…Jani made bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches for dinner. Saw my favorite Marinac’s, Auntie and Kobe.
Short nap and then I worked on my computer files for awhile before we went over to the Olsen’s to transfer the cemetery book project.

I haven’t had a busy day like this for weeks and it felt so good to feel so normal…even if I am still so swollen from Dexamethasone. I’m sure a lot of people don’t even recognize me. This is called Cushing Syndrome – swollen facial cheeks, distended abdomen and a 40 pound weight gain — joy for any woman – NOT.