Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update July 8 2013

Continue with creepy legs and left calf spasms, but not until 4 AM this morning.

Jani and I decided to take an adventure across Passcreek this afternoon. I even DROVE…a 100 mile circuit never traveling more than 10-25 miles per hour and we took the pups with us. We stopped to let them “swim” and wade. My Kemmer up by me int he photo below is not NOT a lover of water, but she finally did wade some…that’s Kady in the water.

 12 1/2 year old Kady loves the water (below).

 Jani with the dogs in Passcreek.

 Jani with the dogs on Passcreek Road looking back toward Mackay, Idaho.

We continued up the Passcreek Road toward the Howe Highway (39 miles on a dirt road) enjoying a couple of hawks as we went, first just sitting along side the road. We also saw one female mule deer crossing the road.
Then, taking flight.

Bell Mountain in the Little Lost River Valley from Passcreek Road (Road 122 below).
Howe, Idaho had a devasating fire on 18 Oct 2012 (along Highway 22/33) burning to the ground the Little Lost Store and Rendezvous Cafe.

 These photos are from 11 July 2003.

 and Rendezvous  Cafe (11 July 2003).

Howe Fire Oct 18 2012 From KTVB (below) burned to the ground.
Hay Trucks from Highways 22/33 today 8 July 2013.
Hay growing along Highway 93, 8 July 2013

We stopped at the Arco Advertiser newpaper office in Arco to look up an obituary from 1975 without any luck finding it.

Then home to Mackay, Idaho along US93 north. We arrived home at nearly 6:15 PM and we left home at 12:30 PM.