Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update July 5 2013

St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI, Dr. Padavanija’s, RN Kenadi called me today and told me that both of new myeloma chemotherapy medications that I will be given in tandem have been approved by my medical insurance.

Carfilzomid (Kyprolis) – given intravenously two days in a row EACH Week for 3 times in a Cycle


Pomalidomide (Pomalyst) given orally for 21 days out of 28 days each Cycle.

I will begin the tandem carfilzomid (Kyprolis) and oral pomalidomide (Pomalyst) Thursday, 11 July 2013, stay the night in a motel in Twin Falls, Idaho that night and get the second tandem dose on the morning of Friday 12 July 2013. I will continue on 40 mg of Dex per week, but take only 10 mg orally every other day.

This dosing will involve a Twin Falls motel stay EVERY week for 3 weeks out of every month. Fortunately, the motel has a contract with St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI and the fee is only 1/2 price per night.

They cannot schedule me any sooner as all of their infusion chairs are spoken for until then. However, I am hoping that I can be moved up to earlier  in the week in the future. I can only hope my miserably LOW PLATELETS can handle this tandem chemotherapy dosing.

Arrival of more of “my people” from Greeley, Colorado (680 miles) early 5 July 2013. L to R: Jan Martin, Judy Malkiewicz, Walk Richter, Nancy White, Judy Richter.

L to R: Jan Martin Phd, Judy Malkiewicz, PhD, Walt Richter, Phd , Nancy White PhD, Judy Richter, Phd – a whole lot of education sitting on my front porch this morning, 5 July 2013.

 We all went to lunch at the Mackay Senior Citizen’s Center with my father. 5 Jul 2013.

 On our way home after the Senior Citizens Dinner at noon, 5 Jul 2013.

My neighbor’s have babies now and they are fun to watch. Filly is named Blaster and the mare is named Rocket.