Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update July 31 2013

Woke stiff and sore and was GLAD it was Dex day which always helps my mobility. My back aches, but my legs are better. Today is my last day of Cycle 1 Pomalyst 4 mg Day 21/28 and now I will be off for one week. I like these off weeks of chemo. The FedEx guy delivered my Cycle 2  Pomalyst just before noon which has to be signed for (a derivative of Thalidomide) today/

We drove out to the Custer County Fair Grounds to see how my apricot jelly did – only a red ribbon, but at least I entered. My pulse was racing above 100 beats per minute and I tired easily in the Exhibit Barn. So, these photos are so BOGUS…I was at the Custer County Fair Ground about 90 seconds (not minutes), before I was just OUT OF ENERGY.

We drove to Main Street to see our newest business, “Liar’s Den – Bait an Tackle”.

Ran through the Burger Time Drive Up Window for some soft ice cream and then home for a a nadir. Vickie Mae Johnson Northrop came by for a visit. Jani had a massage by a gal who comes here to the house.