Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update July 3 2013

My neighbor gave us a huge trout he caught yesterday on the Mackay Reservoir. We baked this rainbow trout filled with lemon slices and coated with cooking spray for dinner and it was very good!

I spent the day one-with-the-sofa – TIRED. Seems like I need a catch-up rest day every other day or so.

We heard tonight that Sare Stoddard’s husband, Randy, had a series of 2 strokes at their cabin in Allenspark, Colorado and is hospitalized in Boulder. Randy is the father of “MY BABY” (Steph) who was born in May 1972. We are hoping for the best for Randy. Here is photo of us taken in August 2011. How quickly things can change! We are wishing the best for Randy!