Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update July 26 2013

Slept pretty well in the motel – but, I had taken 2 1/2 Imodium which makes me tired. Unfortunately, I had a tad of bleeding from the back of my throat and rectal area. They are sending me home with stool sampling materials – oh joy ~

Arrived at St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI for our 8:20 AM appointment. They decided to draw a CBC and a CHEM Panel and we had to wait for those results and then a consult via the RN from Dr. Padavanija who was seeing clinic patients on whether I could receive my carfilzomid chemo today…this took a long time and Jani left to find breakfast somewhere.

My white blood cell count has dropped to 1.7 (norms 4.5-11); ANC to below 1.0 to 0.66 which is not good and might have held my carfilzomib chemo; my hemoglobin dropped to 8.6 and I could have had a red blood cell transfusion, but decided against it for now. MY platelets dropped from 37 of yesterday to 21 today and they said I could have more platelets if I wanted them too, but I didn’t want to wait around all day for that either, so declined.

My chem panel was essentialy normal and my mild kidney failure, if all, is MILD.

I go to Lost Rivers Medical Center Lab on 30 July 2013 and will get my blood tested. Depending on the results,  I will probably need both red blood cells and platelets on that day at St. Luke’s in Twin Falls – but, at least, we’ll be prepared to wait that day.  If I decide to stop the transfusions, it probably would not  take long for me to die.

My brain is cloudy at times which I attribute to the anti-nausea medication Kytril…but, I’m still able to blog and do my ancestry stuff.