Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update July 21 2013

We decided to take Robbyn on a picnic to Park Creek at the summit of Trail Ceek. Jani packed up the lunches and off we went with the dogs around 10 AM. I was feeling well enough to do the driving in Jonah (1999 Honda Passport). Park Creek is located at about 7,700 feet in elevation.

Kemmer and Judy Malkiewicz at Park Creek Campground, just below the Trail Creek Road.

Even though our 3 dogs are crowded with a third person in the back – THEY LOVE TO GO! Here is me in the driver’s seat, Kemmer, Kady, and Zoe.

Our other goal was to locate a picnic table that our family used back in 1965 (48 years ago) for a picnic.  Pictured below are Auntie Ann (Anna Wold Lundberg, wife of our M’s youngest brother, yet older, Edward Auer Lundberg (best known as Auer); our M’s, Marjorie Christine Lundberg Malkiewicz (10 years younger than Auer); Rex Henning Lundberg, oldest brother (12 years older than Marjorie and Marjorie was born on Rex’s birthday in 1924). And finally, our Gram, Hazel Theora Jensen Anderson Lundberg (age 76 years in this photo). All the women had dresses on!

Jani and Robbyn walked around Park Creek and finally settled on this picnic table. I waited in Jonah while they searched out the tables – it was very pleasant, especially since I had several bug deterrent sprays for horse flies, biting flies and yellow jackets.

Here is our re-creation today…none of us had dresses on today !

Robbyn Wacker with Kemmer and Zoe at Park Creek, Trail Creek Summit, 21 July 2013

We stopped to let the dogs swim in the creek and THEY LOVED IT. Zoe loves the water a lot more than Kemmer – but, Kemmer will, at least, try now.

 Kady-from-Kansas (age 12 1/2) loved cooling off in the water.

 The water behind Kemmer and Zoe with the stick is deep and over their heads.

I drove us home via Bartlet Point Road and the Old Chilly Road and we saw this loose loaf hay – very pretty. Everyone is haying in the Big Lost River Valley now.

We arrived home just after 3 PM, hot and tired. I had slight nose bleed … more serous (watery bloody liquid) than blood itself. I could not get it to stop and I probably did too much today, getting over heated!

Ron, the wood cutter came by, covered with wood chips from a day of wood cutting up the Mine Hill. We had a good visit.

We went to dinner next door at Gale and Pam Lord’s house. They had Gale’s brother, Gary and his wife Diane too – so, it was a good time…yet my left nare continued to ooze serous blood. Hope I can get it to stop. I go tomorrow for a CBC at Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco.