Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update July 20 2013

Woke feeling much better, no more leg cramps, no gut acid, no headache and I did sleep some of the night.

Was able to shower, go get the mail and deliver it to my father. My hair is beginning to look more like it did when I was diagnosed May 2011.

Jani’s partner, Robbyn Wacker, arrived in a rental car from the Idaho Falls Airport. She flew here from Colorado and is spending the weekend with us.

The forest fire smoke north of us cleared for the afternoon and we sat on the front porch and then returned THICK for the evening and night. We’ve ordered a replaced filter for my hepa filter and it should arrive Tuesday…non soon enough!

I spent the rest of the day one-with-my-sofa watching golf and finishing up Part 1 of my Gram’s History (Hazel Theora Jensen Anderson Lundberg). She was born in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, married in 1911, and relocated to Idaho after that until her death in 1985. She was one of the finest people in the WORLD and well-loved by all.